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SIC was established in 1973 with a mission to upscale the
Lebanese hospitality services. Throughout the years we have innovated and
broadened the range of products in support of companies in the Hospitality industry. 
1973, SIC was the pioneer to introduce products in the
flexible packaging. Food Sachet products and Wet Napkins were a great of a
start and helped our clients appear as trendy and innovative in the
market.  Providing solutions is our
expertise and passion!
1976, we introduced further innovative product. The “Shampoo
Sachet” was a great solution to the booming hotels in Lebanon. In the late
nineties’, we helped shape them in a new look. Bottles and tubes are now great
selling items.  Not only that, we have
complimented the line with all Hotel Amenities through wide range of Brands and  Products.